Speed regulation methods and advantages of brushless DC centrifugal fan motors
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    The brushless DC centrifugal fan motor is generally a single-phase asynchronous motor with PSC wiring. Depending on the needs of the application, the fan motor can be speed regulated by the following methods: stator winding tapped speed, silicon-controlled speed regulation, etc.


    brushless DC centrifugal fan motor

    1. Tap speed regulation

    The working voltage on the main winding is changed by changing the number of turns on the stator winding of the motor, thus changing the magnetic flux and adjusting the speed. The stator winding of a PSC motor consists of three parts: the main winding, the secondary winding, and the intermediate winding.

    2. Silicon-controlled speed control

    Thyristor, also known as a thyristor, there are two kinds of one-way thyristor and two-way thyristor, one-way thyristor characteristics, when the thyristor is subjected to positive anode voltage, in the gate plus positive voltage and a certain gate current, the component conducts.

    The tube in the case of conduction is the gate that is lost. In the case of a thyristor in conduction, the tube is cut off only when its positive anode voltage is reduced to a certain value or when the anode voltage becomes negative.


    The advantages of the brushless DC centrifugal fan motor are as follows.


    1. Brushless, low interference

    The brushless motor removes the brushes and the most direct change is the absence of electric sparks generated during the operation of the brush motor, which greatly reduces the interference of electric sparks with remote control radio equipment.

    2. Low noise, smooth running

    The brushless motor has no brushes, so the friction is greatly reduced during operation, making it run smoothly and with much less noise.

    3. Long life and low maintenance costs


    The above is the method of speed regulation and advantages of brushless DC centrifugal fan motor, hope it can help you to understand our products better, if you have other questions or needs about this, you can contact us directly.