Advantages of the ceDirect drive blower motor
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    What are the advantages of the ceDirect drive blower motor? The drive mechanism of an ordinary motor is a series of mechanical transmission mechanisms such as couplings, screws, timing belts, rack and pinion, reducers, etc. that connect the load through the motor shaft.However, with the ceDirect drive blower motor, these losses can be avoided and reduced.


    ceDirect drive blower motor

    The advantages of the ceDirect drive blower motor:

    1. Direct drive. The motor is directly and rigidly connected to the driven workpiece, without intermediate links such as screws, gears, and reducers, thus avoiding to the greatest extent the problems of backlash, inertia, friction, and lack of rigidity that exist in the drive screw system.

    2. High speed. The normal peak speed of a linear motor can be 5-10m/s; with a conventional ball screw, the speed is generally limited to 1m/s and the amount of wear generated is also higher.

    3. High acceleration. Due to no contact friction between the movable sub and stator, linear motors can achieve higher acceleration; larger linear motors have the ability to do acceleration 3-3 smaller linear motors can do more than 30-50g (welding machine); usually DDR more applications for high acceleration, DDL applications for high speed and high acceleration. 5g.

    4. High precision. The use of direct drive technology greatly reduces the error caused by the intermediate mechanical drive system. The use of high-precision grating detection for position positioning to improve the accuracy of the system can make repeat positioning accuracy of 1um or less, to meet the application of ultra-precision occasions.

    5. Wide range of motion speeds. Linear motors can run at speeds as low as 1um/s and as high as 10m/s to meet the needs of various applications.

    6. Low noise, simple structure, low maintenance costs, can be operated in a dust-free environment, etc.


    The above are the advantages of the ceDirect drive blower motor, hope it can help you better understand our products, if you have other questions or needs, you can contact us directly.