Troubleshooting the ceiling air conditioner motor
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    The ceiling air conditioner motor is one of the most important components of an air conditioner and without it, the air conditioner would be meaningless. So what can happen to the ceiling air conditioner motor? What can be done about it?


    ceiling air conditioner motor

    1. Ceiling air conditioner motor - does not start after power on


    (1) When the air conditioner is energized, the motor does not start, it is very likely that the power circuit, motor windings, and other problems, air conditioning and refrigerators, and other motors, are selected to resist the principle of split-phase start operation if the capacitor in the start circuit is damaged, or split-phase resistor is bad, the air conditioning motor will not work properly, and eventually lead to the air conditioning can not work.

    (2) In the overhaul, first check whether the starting circuit is faulty, if not, continue to check the motor, may be part of the short circuit that occurred within the motor, or a broken circuit problem, you can use the universal table, and then use the table R × 1 gear test each winding resistance value, the final repair.


    2. Ceiling air conditioner motor-slow speed


    (1) If the ceiling air conditioner motor is slowing down and feels weak after being powered on, first check the light bulb in your home to see if it is dimmed, if it is dimmed, it should be caused by low voltage.

    (2) If the voltage at home is unstable due to electricity problems, suddenly becoming low or too high, it will damage the electrical appliances being used, if the conditions agree, it is best to install a voltage regulator at home.


    3. Casing air conditioner motor - shell with electricity


    (1) When the air conditioner starts, you inadvertently touch the motor casing and find that the motor casing is charged, please do not test the touch again, it should be the motor leakage, the current is within 0.8mA, to ensure personal safety.

    (2) Maybe within the motor, a wire core connection, touching the air conditioning motor shell; may be the electrical group burned, resulting in leakage between the stator and the shell area; may also be the motor moisture, caused by the charged.

    (3) Regardless of which cause, first close the air conditioning power supply, suspend use, try to adhere to the air conditioning motor is often in a ventilated, dry environment, and then use the shaking table to measure its resistance, when the resistance value is lower than 2MΩ, is the motor is damp, in the case of power failure, with a hair dryer on its drying process.


    4. Casing air conditioner motor - temperature rise aggravation


    (1) The use of electrical appliances and motors in the process of operation, the temperature is very high, and feels a little abnormal, when the highest temperature can rea         ch 70 ℃, is more normal, if higher than 70 ℃, is not a normal phenomenon.

    (2) Immediately close the power supply, and suspend its working state, it is checked, if the motor is working, the surface temperature of the machine shell will rise sharply, also accompanied by a burnt smell, maybe the motor overheating problem.

    (3) If the motor cooling conditions are poor, motor winding short circuit and motor quality, will cause this problem, you can first disassemble the motor, and replace the motor winding, replacement, to do a good job of insulation methods.


    The above ceiling air conditioner motor will appear faulty and solution, I hope it can help you, if you have other questions or demand for this, you can contact us directly.