Basic requirements of the custom centrifugal fan motor
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    The custom centrifugal fan motor is a very important part of the fan. The benefits of centrifugal fan motors are obvious from their practical application. They are also an aid to improving environmental quality and are now widely used in factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships, and buildings for dust extraction.


    custom centrifugal fan motor

    Usually, in order to ensure the use of the results, small and medium-sized centrifugal fans must not only meet the requirements regarding performance parameters but often there are some basic requirements involving custom centrifugal fan motors, mainly including the following aspects.


    Firstly, the custom centrifugal fan motor used in centrifugal fan equipment varies in different working situations, for example, AC, asynchronous, and air-cooled motors can be used. However, the motor should have insulation class F, temperature rise class B, and protection class IP54. The supply voltage is 380V +/- 10%, 50HZ.


    Secondly, the standard regarding the rated working performance of the custom centrifugal fan motor design shall not be less than 120% of the requirements of the centrifugal fan equipment to which it is fitted. The custom centrifugal fan motor is able to maintain normal operation without damage when the motor is in full working condition with a frequency variation of ±5% and a voltage variation of ±10%.


    In addition, the motor current must be kept within the specified limits during start-up at the rated operating voltage. If a multi-phase motor is used in a centrifugal fan plant, the phase sequence should be indicated on the nameplate of the terminal box, and the direction of rotation marked with an arrow. Furthermore, the design, manufacture, and performance of the motor should be in accordance with IEC standards.


    In addition to these requirements, the custom centrifugal fan motor should be equipped with an earthing device and the junction box should be of the split type, with bottom and top wiring. When viewed from the coupling side, the junction box is located on the right side of the centrifugal fan unit motor.


    The above is the introduction of the custom centrifugal fan motor, you have a better understanding of it, and if you have other questions or needs, you can contact us directly.