The ac fan motor for sale | Difference between DC fan and AC fan
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    We have the AC fan motor for sale. Fans can be divided into DC fans and AC fans according to different forms of electricity, what are the differences between them? The differences between the DC fan and the AC fan are as follows: different air volumes, different materials, different application times, different working voltage of the power supply system.


    AC fan motors for sale

    1. Different air volume


    The DC fan has more giant blades and a larger exhaust air volume.

    The AC fan because of its small leaves, the wind volume is small.


    2. Different materials


    The DC fans usually with plastic frames, a motor with small copper wire applications, and low-cost raw materials.

    The AC fans belong to the brush motor, motor stator part of the large, copper wire, aluminum frame to use, the price of a lot of increase.


    3. Different lengths of service life


    The DC fans have a relatively long life.


    4. The operating voltage of the power supply system is different


    The output current method is different, the DC fan usually operating voltage is small, and the commonly used is 5V, or 12V. 24v. 48v.

    The AC fan is 20V, 240V, and 110V.



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