Understanding the capacitance of fan coil blower motor
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    With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, central air conditioning is widely used in the home and office environment. The fan coil blower motor is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of central air conditioning.

    fan coil blower motor

    In our use of central air conditioning, there is often a slowing of the motor speed, and this phenomenon appears for the following reasons.

    (1) abnormal power supply.

    (2) motor winding short circuit.

    (3) bearing damage.

    (4) capacitor problems.

    (5) problems with the speed control switch.

    (6) motor ageing needs to be updated.

    This article focuses on the capacitance of the fan coil blower motor.

    1. The principle of fan coil motor capacitance. The coil magnetic field generates motor rotation to launch the rotor, and the fan with a single-phase power supply, the fire zero line, is supplied to the main motor winding. There is another line to start the winding, from the fire line connected to a capacitor over the supply of different phases of the start winding starting voltage. The motor can normally start if no capacitor fan is not started, but the hand to assist in turning the next can also turn, but the motor will turn power, Reducing the power of the motor.

    2. Fan coil blower motor capacitor to play what role?In normal operation, the starting winding is connected in series with the capacitor and then in parallel with the working winding. The capacitor in the circuit mainly plays the role of increasing the starting torque.

    3. The impact of capacitor damage on the fan.

    (1) A certain capacitance value and motor torque range are proportional.

    (2) The electric capacity drops to less than 60% of the original value and will appear unable to start, resulting in the fan not cooling in summer and not heating in winter.

    (3) 70% or 80% of the time when the fan can be started by hand, but the speed becomes slower.

    (4) 90% of the time, they generally do not have much impact.

    The above is the knowledge of fan coil blower motor capacitance, and I hope it can be useful for your use and purchase.