Air Purifier Motor manufacturer take you through fan motors
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    As an Air Purifier Motor manufacturer, I'm here to introduce you to what a fan motor is and how it works. If you're interested, read on!


    Air Purifier Motor manufacturer

    1. What is a fan motor?


    A fan motor is a kind of motor with a fan hub and blades. The blades are inserted in the slots along the periphery of the hub and are integrated with the hub by permanent joining methods such as welding and bonding. Fan motor, produced by Air Purifier Motor manufacturer, is well-balanced overall and saves balancing hours by reducing the weight of the bolted fan by more than 30%. When the motor of the utility model is running, the vibration and the noise are reduced.


    The electric fan is a single-phase capacitor motor. Single-phase capacitor motor is simple in structure, easy in production, convenient in maintenance, and low in cost, but small in starting torque, poor in overload capacity, and low in efficiency. Capacitor running motor has a high power factor, good starting performance, high efficiency, strong overload capacity, and stable running. At present, most electric fans use a capacitor running motor.


    2. How does the fan motor work?


    The fan motor is a single-phase capacitor motor, but AC single-phase motor only has a pulsating sinusoidal dip and can not produce a rotating magnetic field, so a single-phase capacitor motor has two windings, namely start winding and running winding. The two windings differ in space by 90 degrees.


    A capacitor with a larger capacity is connected in series to the start winding. When the running winding and the start winding pass through the single-phase electric power, because of the action of the capacitor, the current in the starting winding is ahead of the current in the running winding by 90 degrees in time, reaching the maximum value first.


    In time and space to form two identical pulse magnetic fields, so that the air gap between the stator and rotor produced a rotating magnetic field, in the role of the rotating magnetic field, the motor rotor induced current, the electric current, and the rotating magnetic field interaction produces the electromagnetic field torque, causes the motor to rotate.


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