About condenser fan motor 12 hp 1075 rpm 60hz
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    The condenser fan motor 12 hp 1075 rpm 60hz is a small power single-phase asynchronous motor with a simple structure, low cost, low noise, easy installation and other advantages.


    condenser fan motor 12 hp 1075 rpm 60hz

    Single-phase asynchronous motors are widely used in production and life, the most used are in household appliances, used as pumps, fans, washing machines, refrigerators, air-conditioning compressors, blowers, hoovers, and household electric appliances power machines. The condenser fan motor 12 hp 1075 rpm 60hz is the motor used in the air-conditioning condenser.


    What types of single-phase asynchronous motors are there?


    There are many types of single-phase asynchronous motors, which can be divided into two main categories according to the starting method.

    One type is the shaded-pole motor, of which there are two types: the convex-pole shaded-pole motor and the hidden-pole shaded-pole resistance split-phase motor. The other type is the split-phase motor, which is divided into a capacitor split-phase motor and an inductive split-phase motor.

    The most widely used is the capacitor split-phase single-phase motor.

    The capacitor split phase is also divided into capacitor run motors, single capacitor start motors, and capacitor start and run motors (single-phase double-value capacitor motors).


    The above is the introduction of a condenser fan motor 12 hp 1075 rpm 60hz, our condenser fan motor 12 hp 1075 rpm 60hz complies with CCC, CE, and RoHS standards, if you have other questions or needs, you can contact us directly.