Working Principle and function of air conditioner centrifugal fan
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    Air conditioner centrifugal fan comprises a casing, rotor assembly, seal assembly, bearing, lubricating device, and other auxiliary parts. So how does it work and what does it do? If you are interested, read on.


    air conditioner centrifugal fan

    How does an air conditioner centrifugal fan work?


    Centrifugal fan is based on the principle of kinetic energy into potential energy, using high-speed rotating impeller gas acceleration, and then in the fan shell deceleration, change the flow direction, so that kinetic energy into pressure energy.


    The centrifugal force is produced when the impeller rotates, the air is thrown out from the impeller, converges in the casing to raise the pressure, and is discharged from the air outlet. After the air in the impeller is discharged, a negative pressure is formed, sucking the outside gas to the fan.


    What are the functions of the components of the air conditioner centrifugal fan?


    1. The function of the chassis

    Used to collect the pressurized gas and send it into the runner.


    2. The role of the rotor

    The gas is pressurized by high-speed rotation.


    3. The role of bearings

    Support the rotor to ensure the smooth rotation of the rotor, but also can adjust the radial and axial forces generated by the rotating rotor.


    4. The function of sealing

    To prevent gas leakage or leakage out of the stage, stage seal for the labyrinth-type gas seal.


    5. The role of lubrication devices

    Provide lubrication oil to the bearing device to ensure its safe operation.


    This is how the air conditioner centrifugal fan works. I hope it can help you understand our products better. You can contact us directly if you have any other questions or needs.