What causes the fan motor for carrier heat pump to heat up?
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    What causes the fan motor for carrier heat pump to heat up? Now in daily life, fan is very common, basically, every family will buy, a fan blowing out the wind is very natural, and the human body will feel very comfortable. In the use of a fan motor for a carrier heat pump, what is the cause of heat, there may be many friends who do not understand, here for you to briefly introduce the cause of a heat the fan motor for carrier heat pump.


    The fan motor for carrier heat pump

    1. Capacitance

    It is recommended to check the capacitors first. If the capacitors are incompatible or damaged, it is easy to cause the fan motor for carrier heat pump to heat up during operation, which will increase the workload of the motor, and thus also can shorten the motor's service life.


    2. Support Shaft

    Before using, must first oil, so as to play the role of lubrication, it is recommended to turn the fan by hand, if it is very difficult, that is caused by lack of oil, you can apply some oil on the top, this problem can be solved.


    3. Stator winding coil

    In other words, if there is a short circuit, after a long period of use, which will damage the insulation layer, can choose to replace a new set of coils, so that the root cause of the problem can be solved. If that did not work, the motor could be replaced directly. Some motors were not of good quality, so after using them for a period of time, various problems would arise.


    4. Overheating

    The fan motor for carrier heat pump has an overheated circuit breaker. Once a short circuit occurs, there is no way to dissipate the heat normally. In a short period of time, the heat will increase explosively, thus causing the motor to strike. It is suggested to turn off the fan first, let the motor cool down slowly and resume the normal temperature, then you can continue to use it.



    The above is about the fan motor for carrier heat pump causes of the content, I hope to be able to play a certain help to you. Motor heating is very normal, so we do not need to worry too much, want to know more about the content, please contact us directly.