Take you to understand the centrifugal and axial fans in the Air Conditioner Fans for sale.
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    Centrifugal fans and axial flow fans as two different types of Air Conditioner Fans for sale. There are great differences between them, and this article will take you to understand what is a centrifugal fan and axial flow fan, and understand them and the difference, to facilitate the purchase of suitable air-conditioning fans for you.

    centrifugal fans

    1. Definition

    (1) centrifugal fan: it is one kind that depends on the input mechanical energy and enhances the gas pressure to send the gas side by side with the machinery;

    (2) Axial-flow fan: it refers to the airflow in the same direction as the axis of the blade, such as the electric fan, the outer fan of the air conditioner is the axial-flow fan, which is called"Axial-flow Type" because the gas flows parallel to the fan axis.

    2. Pros and Cons

    (1) the advantages of centrifugal fan: cooling, precipitation effect is obvious, ventilation time is short.Disadvantages: high energy consumption per unit; poor ventilation timing is prone to condensation;

    (2) advantages of axial flow fan: good cooling effect, low energy consumption per unit, especially important in advocating energy saving today, easy to grasp the timing of ventilation, not easy to appear condensation, do not have to be equipped with a separate fan, convenient and flexible. Disadvantages: due to small air volume, and long ventilation time, the precipitation effect is not obvious, and high moisture places should not use axial flow fan for ventilation.

    axial fans

    3. Other differences

    (1) the flow direction of the medium: the centrifugal fan changes the flow direction of the medium in the air duct, but the axial fan does not change the flow direction of the medium in the air duct;

    (2) complexity: the installation of a centrifugal fan is more complicated than an axial fan;

    (3) installation position: the off-type fan is usually installed at the inlet and outlet of the air-conditioning unit, while the axial-flow fan is usually installed in the air duct or the front end of the air duct outlet;

    (4) the driving aspect: the centrifugal fan is the air after the income pressure, but the axial flow fan is the positive pressure drive;

    (5) start-up: when starting the Air Conditioner Fans for sale, the centrifugal fan's running power increases with the air volume. At the same time, the axial flow fan's running power decreases with the air volume increase.

    To sum up, I hope that understanding Air Conditioner Fans for sale in the off-fan and axial fan can bring you a different purchase experience.