The principle and characteristics of window-type air conditioner fans for sale
      2022/10/21| View:449

    The window-type air conditioner fans for sale are a kind of small air conditioner installed on the window, and it is the earliest type of room air conditioner product. Thus it is widely used in families in many countries and regions. Below I will explain the principles and characteristics of window-type air conditioner fans for sale.

    Air Conditioner Fans

    First, the cooling and heating principle of window air conditioner fans for sale.

    The window-type air conditioning fan uses the compression cooling and the heating method to carry the refrigeration and the heating to the space to obtain a comfortable environment temperature.

    In the cooling system of window air conditioner fans for sale, the evaporator absorbs indoor air heat and discharges it into the condenser, then releases the heat to the indoor to let the temperature drop.

    The main difference between the heating and refrigeration systems is the four-way valve module, which changes the flow direction of refrigeration to achieve the heating effect.

    Second, the characteristics of window air conditioner fans for sale.

    1. Less material for manufacturing;

    2. Compared with other types of new air-conditioning low price and low installation requirements, but also save electricity;

    3. Small volume, lightweight, so easy to disassemble;

    4. Easy to maintain, the window-type air conditioning fan refrigerant seal in the refrigeration system in the factory has been sealed before the test, so refrigerant leakage is not easy to leak, less maintenance.


    To sum up, the principle and characteristics of window-type air-conditioning fans determine that people will use them more widely in the future.