AC fan motor suppliers show you how to judge the quality of an AC fan motor
      2022/09/16| View:579

    AC fan motor has good overall balance, can save the time needed to adjust the balance, weight than a bolt-connected fan more than 30% lighter, running vibration and noise are reduced. AC fan motor suppliers suggest the following points to consider when deciding whether an AC fan motor is good or bad:

    AC fan motor suppliers

    1. Read the product manual

    AC fan motor suppliers will present to the buyer at the time of sale the instruction manual, the product certificate, the electrical wiring diagram, and the packing list, and will check the packing list and the parts.

    2. Look at the shape of the AC fan motor

    Check the AC fan motor hood and blades for any significant deformation. Turn the fan blade, should be light and flexible, and should not always stop at the same position.

    3. Look at startup performance

    Starting performance is an important quality index of AC fan motors. AC fan motor suppliers suggest that, during the inspection, the AC fan motor should be able to start from rest and function normally at a power rating of 85% in slow gear, the shorter the time it takes for an AC fan motor to start and function normally, the better the startup performance of AC Fan Motor.

    4. Look at the speed control performance

    After electrification, the fan mechanical transmission part should not have an abnormal noise. When the electric fan is running at high, medium and low speed, the motor, and the fan blades should be stable, with small vibration and low noise. AC Fan Motor Shake Head, stop should be agile, with no breaks, stagnation, or shaking phenomenon.

    5. Look for electrical leaks

    AC fan motor electrified, touch if there is hemp electric feeling, test with a test pen, test pen also has a luminous display, you can determine the shell leakage.

    6. Look at the continuous running of the AC fan motor

    After 2 hours of continuous operation of the fan, if the surface of the machine headshell is hot, indicating that the temperature is too high, can not be used. Under normal circumstances, the nose shell surface temperature of 50 ° C below, there should not be a hot feeling.