Points to note when purchasing an AC fan motor for sale
      2022/09/14| View:458

    With many years of technical research and development, AC fan motor for sale's grade and functional configuration has diversified. Here are the following points to pay attention to when purchasing, affecting the cost of subsequent use.

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    1. Security. In the case, different manufacturers of AC fan motor for Sale's case performance is different, the major manufacturers use the unique formula of engineering plastics, with high-temperature non-softening, high flame retardant, tear resistance, explosion resistance, high strength, high toughness, longer service life, installation, maintenance of the safety of more security.

    2. Maintenance. The belt-less AC fan motor for sale, with less wear-and-tear components, has a lower failure rate; automatic drainage and automatic cleaning features can reduce the frequency of manual cleaning.

    3. Performance. Centrifugal compared with the axial flow, quieter, higher wind pressure, and more distant air supply.

    4. Energy saving. Consider the centrifugal fan, frequency control, and DC brushless technology energy-saving cost ratio.

    5. Air volume control. In order to improve their competitiveness, the major manufacturers have launched single-speed, two-speed, three-speed, and multi-speed speed products, and two to three-speed can meet the majority of the scene, need to choose carefully.

    6. Cooling effect. AC fan motor for sale the best cooling effect is determined by the local temperature and humidity, which is related to the water temperature used and the installation of a negative pressure fan, therefore, the suitability of installing an AC fan motor for sale requires that the manufacturer confirm the expected cooling effect.

    The problem of dampness. AC fan motor for sale uses evaporative refrigeration, and at best, the air will reach near-saturation, so the risk of condensation and mildew in precision equipment needs to be considered.

    7. Mute. When an AC fan motor for sale is running, the noise generated by the equipment can not be ignored. Attention should be paid to the type of motor, impeller design, transmission mode, housing, and tuyere design.

    8. Installation. AC fan motor for sale requires space and support for later maintenance and should be careful to purchase equipment with proper outlet orientation, such as a roof installation with an option for downwind; The middle floor and the bottom floor choose side wind or upwind.

    9. Combination scheme. AC fan motor for sale can solve the problems of insufficient air-conditioning power, too dry air, better cooling effect, and higher comprehensive energy efficiency.