If my air conditioner fan motor is bad, how do I know?
      2023/02/07| View:398

    Air conditioning is very common in our life and closely related to our life. There is a very important part in the air conditioning - air conditioner fan motor. When our air conditioning fails, how should we judge whether the problem is on the air conditioner fan motor?

    air conditioner fan motor

    You can take a variety of measures to check whether the problem with the air conditioner is caused by the air conditioner fan motor.

    1. Check the circuit breaker panel. This is likely to happen if too many devices are running at the same time. If it is set to the "Off" position, set it to the middle setting and then switch it back to "On."

    2. Check whether the fan has foreign bodies. Since the condenser unit is outside, leaves or twigs may fall through the top vents and interfere with fan movement. To do this, insert a stick into the vents and push them. If the fan does not move, unscrew the top of the condenser to remove anything stuck on the blades. Be sure to turn off the air conditioning before doing this. If the blade does move, the problem may be with capacitors on alternating current.

    3. If the problem is with the capacitor, test it. The capacitor is easy to identify because it is shaped like a cylinder, like a small beer can. The top of the working capacitor should be flat. If it expands, replace it. If it's flat but your fan motor is still not turned on, you'll want to test the capacitor to see if it's still working. You can purchase a tester at any hardware store. As always, turn off the air conditioner before doing anything with it.

    After the above inspection, if the problem still exists, then the problem is likely to be on the air conditioning fan motor. For more knowledge of air conditioner fan motor, or to purchase air conditioner fan motor, please feel free to contact us.