The causes and solutions of high vibration of the ac blower motor for sale
      2022/11/15| View:493

    With the development of technology, ac blower motors for sale are widely used in various indoor air conditioning ducts. However, in the process of use, it is inevitable to find that it will have a large vibration. In the normal operation of the ac blower motor for sale, vibration values occurring more than the specified technical requirements should be based on vibration characteristics. A specific analysis to determine the causes of vibration can be broadly divided into the following types.

    ac blower motor for sale

    1. resonance occurs in operation, the frequency of vibration and speed of the same. This is mainly the result of unbalanced rotor mass. Due to the rotor mass imbalance, when rotating every week, it will be subject to the impact of the centrifugal force generated by the imbalance of the second vibration, the result of the impact of this centrifugal force, or due to the bending of the shaft. The reasons for this phenomenon are.

    (1) the rotor has not been balanced and corrected or has been corrected, but the counterweight iron is loose or displaced. In this case, you should check the position of the balancing iron and, if it needs to be corrected, to re-calibrate the balance.

    (2) The rotor surface is stuck with more dirt, such as dust, grease, rust, etc., which destroys the mass balance of the rotor. The rotor surface should be cleaned.

    (3) The axial sealing device is installed incorrectly so that the shaft and the sealing ring produce local friction, causing local overheating of the shaft, and the shaft is bent. This phenomenon is found, should promptly check the seal ring up and down a clearance, straighten has been bent shaft, etc.

    (4) The gas conveying pipeline has the phenomenon of rapid changes in load, should check the blower import and export valves and ensured their pipelines have no dirt blockage.

    2. Sometimes, the vibration is variable, increasing with the load. The cause of this phenomenon is mostly due to the large deviation between the two halves of the coupling installation. The coupling should be leveled and find the guarding giant. If a triangular groove wheel drives some blowers, check whether the two groove wheel shafts are parallel and have no deflection.

    3. If the operation of the local vibration, especially in the bearing box part of the vibration, is particularly serious, while the body vibration is not very significant, and occasionally can hear a sharp knocking sound or murmur, which is mainly bearing wear, clearance is too large or sliding bearing tile lining and bearing the body of the tight force is too small, so that the shaft in operation jumping and caused by. At this time, the bearing clearance and wear degree should be checked.

    4. Due to the foundation and seat coupling not being solid, the foot bolt being loose, the pad being loose, the seat being poor, etc., the ac blower motor will also be vibration for sale. Should tighten the coupling bolt or foot bolt.

    5. If the vibration with noise, maybe poor lubrication and internal friction of the machine are caused by the lubrication system. The internal clearance of the machine should be checked.

    The above is the possible causes and solutions of the ac blower motor for sale, and I hope it can be useful for your purchase and use.