Improper use of air conditioner heating function will burn out air conditioner motor for sale
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    As the temperature gradually decreases, a variety of home heating appliances have been put to use. Still, with the increase in the frequency of use, the phenomenon of air conditioning does not make heat begin to occur from time to time. Although air conditioner has been known for cooling, the air conditioning heating effect can not be ignored because most of the home users in our country use air conditioner in winter and summer, and the choice of good heating effect of air conditioner has become a major key for consumers to buy air conditioners.

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    1. What are the reasons that lead to air conditioner motors for sale not making heat? What are the solutions?

    (1) improper use and maintenance. A study pointed out that nearly 80% of air conditioning heating failure is not a machine problem, mainly due to user use, improper maintenance and other factors, so especially in winter, when using air conditioning heating in winter to pay attention to room sealing, observe the outdoor unit has no frost, ice, do not force the frost and ice with hot water, such as problems should be timely contact with the air conditioning manufacturer after-sales department.

    (2) lack of fluoride. Most use heat pump type or auxiliary electric heating type air conditioners. These two air conditioners use Freon-evaporated outdoor air to absorb heat. When the outdoor temperature is low, the temperature difference with the Freon evaporation temperature is small, the heat exchange effect then becomes poor, and the hot air is less. Therefore, if the old model is used for a long time, the wear and tear of the compressor are greater. When the outdoor temperature is below 0℃, the heating effect of the air conditioner is difficult to satisfy people. In addition, if the installation of their own air conditioning copper pipe horn at the nut is not tightened or moved, the machine can be considered for the lack of fluorine. You can ask the after-sales service personnel to check the fluoride.

    (3) Environmental external factors.

    (1) When the outdoor temperature is below zero, the air conditioner's outdoor unit will frost. When users turn on the air conditioning heating, it takes about 8-12 minutes to "defrost", the room temperature may be reduced, and some users mistakenly believe that the air conditioning heating effect is not ideal.

    (2) With a large increase in electricity consumption, winter heating may lead to regional power supply voltage instability or too low, causing the air conditioner not to work properly.

    (3) As the outdoor temperature is below -5 degrees, it affects the heating effect of the air conditioner. The lower the outdoor temperature, the worse the heating effect of the air conditioner; that is, the actual heat production is not enough.

    (4) The applicable area for air conditioning heating is smaller than the area of the room where the air conditioner is used, resulting in the room temperature not rising ideally, i.e. the rated heating capacity is insufficient. This should find a way to space the room to reduce the room area or open the auxiliary electric heating while using a heater or heater.

    (4) The air conditioner accumulates too much dust. Generally, the air conditioning cooling effect is not good, partly because the air filter is foreign objects that block too much dust and internal and external machine vents. The role of the filter is to adsorb the dust in the air. If the accumulated dust is too much and not timely cleaning will block the airflow, resulting in a reduction in the amount of air out of the air vents, resulting in the machine heat can not be brought out by the flow of air in time, resulting in a lack of heat, it is recommended that every half month, clean the filter of the air conditioning indoor unit.

    2. What else should I pay attention to when making heat in an air conditioner motor for sale?

    (1) choose a healthy temperature '' set the temperature is not set too high, generally set the temperature is 15 degrees than the outdoor sued; too high will cause human discomfort. Generally, set to about 20 degrees in winter will be fine.

    (2) to ensure indoor air circulation '' open air conditioning must tightly close doors and windows for a long time will lead to a lack of indoor oxygen; bacteria and viruses will also take advantage of many accumulations. Therefore, the air conditioning should stop every time you open for more than 2 hours, and open the windows to ventilate.

    (3) Make air conditioning downward air supply. From the air flow considerations, depending on whether you are a cabinet or hanging machine. If the cabinet machine is generally not a big problem, hanging machines should pay attention to the heating and try to let the wind blow down; because the heating is blowing hot air, hot air blowing out easy to up, not easy to down, and hanging machine air return port and above, easy to cause air short circuit, which leads to air conditioner motor for sale damage, human activity in the region of the temperature is low. And the cabinet machine air return port in the following, back into the cold air, the indoor temperature is easy to uniform, will not produce this problem.

    (4) keep the room clean. Often mopping or sprinkling can also be done. It is best to breed indoor plants that can clean the air, such as hanging orchids, tiger orchids, etc., to clean and moisten the air and keep the indoor air fresh.

    To sum up, in order to safely use an air conditioner motor for sale, keep in mind the above points can be of great help to your use.