Ac aluminum enclosure three-phase asynchronous motor for outdoor heat pump fans

Ac aluminum enclosure three-phase asynchronous motor for outdoor heat pump fans

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Changzhou, China
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CARLYI YS series three phase asynchronous motor 2200w
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100 pcs
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Standard carton packing, foam board inside for protection.
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15 days fresh products after order confirmation
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T/T, Western Union, Paypal, L/C
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100,000 pcs per month
ApplicationSuitabletoair-cooledheatpumpmoduleunitsandsimilarapplications. Typicaloutlinedimensions  MaintechnicaldataType VoltageFrequencyOutputCurrentSpeedInsulationlevelsofprotection VHzWAr/minclass
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Suitable to air-cooled heat pump module units and similar applications.


Typical outline dimensions



Main technical data

Type  Voltage Frequency Output Current Speed Insulation levels of protection 
V Hz W A r/min class
YS-250-6 380 50 250 0.95 940 F IP55
YS-250-8 380 50 250 1.20 720 F IP55
YS-370-6 380 50 370 1.30 940 F IP55
YS-370-8 380 50 370 1.50 720 F IP55
YS-550-6 380 50 550 1.80 940 F IP55
YS-550-8 380 50 550 2.10 720 F IP55
YS-750-6 380 50 750 2.30 940 F IP55
YS-750-8 380 50 750 2.50 720 F IP55
YS-1100-6 380 50 1100 3.10 950 F IP55
YS-1100-8 380 50 1100 3.30 720 F IP55
YS-1800-6 380 50 1800 4.50 940 F IP55
YS-2200-6 380 50 2200 5.50 950 F IP55


The above mentioned specification is representative specification,Just for reference.

The specification can also be designed and manufactured according to customers requirement.

We will not give special notice on changes,please contact our technical department for further information.



1. Trade Terms: FOB, CIF, CNF, EXW, DOOR TO DOOR.

2. Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, PayPal.

3. Payment Condition: 30% deposit in advance, 70% balance before delivery.

4. Delivery Time: 15-30 days after deposit (if T/T).

5. Shipping: By sea, by air and by express delivery


Company information:

1.Changzhou Jiayi Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Binjiang Economic Development Zone, Xinbei District, Changzhou City.

It is a professional motor manufacturing enterprise integrating design, production and sales.

2.The company holds key technology and can design and make the special sizes and can customize according to special requirements.

3.The company's main products are window-style, cabinet, split wall-mounted fan and other home-use air-conditioning motors; 

commercial air-conditioning motors;

fan coil full range of motors; 

air energy units with motors;


dryer with high temperature and pressure motors and Fan;

Ceiling air conditioning card machine series motor; 

fresh air unit motor; 

duct blower motor;

air-cooled (water) heat pump module unit motor; 

high static pressure fan coil motor. 

4.CARLYI branded motors have been approved by CCC, ISO9001, CE, RoHS certification.



Q1: Are you factory?

A: Yes, we have been in designing and providing excellent motors for customers. Our factory production is all under ISO9001 quality management system.


Q2: How long you could prepare samples?

A: Normally 3 days if we have the sample in hand. If customized one, about a week around


Q3: How about batch order production?

A: Normally 15-30 days, the customized or newly developed products may take more half month.


Q4: Do you inspect the finished products?

A: Yes, we do inspection according to ISO9001 standard and ruled by our experienced QC staff.


Q5: What advantage do you have?

A: For the motors, we have long enough of 18months guarantee, and for the service, we offer 24 hours technical support and barrier-free communication.


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Ac aluminum enclosure three-phase asynchronous motor for outdoor heat pump fans
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