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First, the quality is determined by the customer.

The product is in the hands of the customer, no matter how luxurious the equipment is advertised, how excellent the performance is, and how beautiful the appearance is, but it is not what the customer needs, and the result is to eliminate one way. Therefore, Jiayi's position and concept: replace “best quality” with “optimal quality”; and “optimal quality” is to make customers feel “the most satisfactory quality”.
1. Meet the customer's current needs: meet specific specifications, function, easy to use, beautiful appearance
2. Guarantee the future needs of customers: durable, not easy to malfunction, safe and reliable, small external environment impact, thoughtful for customers

Second, quality management

1. Pick up from unstable product quality

Unstable factors come from: personnel equipment materials method environment


Quality management foundation
1. Standardization
Standardization is an indispensable criterion for managing unstable quality, and the “buster” made by barbarism. Unified generalization serialization simplified data
2. Quality education
Continuously improving the quality awareness of employees is the eternal theme of Jiayi, allowing employees to do it right the first time.
3. Equipment management
Equipment optimization, equipment maintenance


"Three presses" and "three checks"

"Three presses"
Jiayi requires employees to operate according to the process, according to the drawings and according to the standard (pre-employment training and on-site guidance);
Jiayi requires the inspector to inspect according to the process, according to the drawings and according to the standard;
Jiayi requested the technical department to prepare the process, draw drawings, and set standards.


"Three inspections"

Employee self-inspection
Circuit inspection
Mutual inspection between employees

Feed control and inventory quality management

The 5R principle of feed control: timely, suitable, appropriate, appropriate, and appropriate procurement of materials.
Right Time:When needed, supply materials in a timely manner and continue to feed.
Right Quality:The purchased materials and materials from the warehouse are of a quality that meets the standards.
Right Quantity:Procurement quantity and stock control are appropriate to prevent overdose and excessive use of capital
Right Price:Get the materials you need at a reasonable cost.
Right Place:Purchase from the nearest or most convenient supplier, ensuring that you can feed at any time.
Tangible effect:
Quality improvement Cost reduction Shorten production and management cycle Reduced inventory Increased labor productivity, equipment efficiency Reduced work waste Reduced market complaints Reduced types of wear and tears Eliminate the rise in safety hazard improvement proposals
Intangible effect:
Enhanced awareness of employees、Improved skill level of employees、Develop a proactive corporate culture


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